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One of the things I love about San Diego is all the cool cars that seem to always be around.  You tend to see even more cool cars around the beach towns.  I found this vintage beauty parked on the street in Pacific Beach.


I mean just look at that gorgeous red trim, I’m a sucker for bold accent colors!

I usually only wear neutral lip colors but have been experimenting with bolder colors lately and just happened to have a matte red lip color on so clearly I had to get a selfie in.  Totally unplanned, I swear!  Also, look at that front grill yo!  These beauts makes me want to visit Cuba so I can admire all the vintage cars.


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Girl Boss

What is Success?

Success was always defined as following a certain path; graduate from high school, go to college, get a degree, get a job, climb the corporate ladder, make more money, etc. the list goes on and on.  It’s engrained in everything we do and see, televisions shows depict upper middle class families making over 6 figures, advertisements and social media tell you what you should look like, how you should dress, what you should eat, which curling iron or makeup product to buy, etc.   Not to mention your family/parent’s definition of success for you.  It’s kind of crazy how we often unquestioningly allow all of these things to influence us and help shape our ideas of success. What does success truly look like to you?  What happens if your ideas around the topic of success changes?  Is what you are doing putting you on a path to move closer toward your definition of success?


After a decade of working in the corporate world, I’ve taken a leap into entrepreneurship.  EEK!  It’s super exciting but also very scary.  If you had asked me a year ago what my career was going to look like, I probably would’ve said something in the professional corporate world…basically continuing on the path that I had been on during most of my adult working life.  Change and the unknown are scary things for a lot of people and entrepreneurship does not have that same type of stability as traditional corporate jobs but hey, the greater the risk, the greater the reward right??  Eek.  Again, scary but also super exciting!

If you are contemplating entrepreneurship, one of the biggest obstacles in your mind is probably the financial aspect of it.  If so, I’d recommend you go through the exercise of figuring out your current daily net, then determine what your daily net would be if you lived below your means (yes, cut out all the extra stuff you don’t actually need), this will give you an idea of how much money you will need to generate on a daily basis so that your daily net is net positive or at least net zero.  Pursuing new endeavors doesn’t necessarily mean that the new endeavor will be your only source of income; you can pursue those new endeavors and still utilize your existing background and experience or even take on completely unrelated jobs with low entrance barriers as a means to generate income.

Think outside the box, try something different, get creative; who knows what you will be capable of?  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  When you find something that you are passionate about and know what you want to do or what you need to do, you will do whatever it takes to make it work.  Hustle harder, I’m rooting for you!

Girl Boss

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and a love for handbags so I’ll be Girl Bossin’ (or at least trying to) in those realms.  I have a lot of ideas and I am super excited about working to turn those ideas into reality so I can share them with you.  It’s still in the early stages and I have a lot of work to do so more information to come!  Also, I’m excited to tap into my creative side and will be working on making enhancements to Cat Eyes and Candy.

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Salvation Mountain Roadtrip

I’ve always seen pictures of Salvation Mountain and just assumed that it was going to be really far from me but it’s actually just a few hours away!  About an hour away from Palm Springs & totally driveable!  The drive is actually kind of serene and tranquil especially if you are driving on an off day.  I love passing through the windmills and the Salton Sea, the views are breathtaking.






I knew that Salvation Mountain would be very bright and colorful so I wanted to wear something contrasting so I would pop a bit more in the pictures.  I decided to go with a long dark grey maxi dress with black floral print.  I paired the dress with a pair of black moto boots, a black wide rimmed hat, blue/green mirrored sunglasses, and my absolute favorite python embossed handbag.  There’s just something about dark maxi’s for fall that remind me of a fall harvest so it seemed appropriate, lol.










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Moto Boots and a Girly Dress



Dresses are just so girly, so sometimes I feel the need to balance the girly-ness with contrasting dark edgy pieces; it also adds a bit of mystery and sass to any outfit.  How cute is this casual floral dress?  I love the layered flared sleeves that sway in the wind and make you feel all dainty!  To be honest, I was going to go the traditional route and pair this casual girly floral dress with some cute tan ankle boots for a causal cali boho-y western vibe, but my friend suggested that I pair it with a leather jacket.  I was hesitant and sceptical at first because it didn’t look right when I visualized it in my head but when I tried it on and added these black moto boots, I loved it!  I mean what says edgy more than moto boots?  Am I right?  Motorcycle or “Moto” boots for short are just so bad (the good kind of bad) & I love it!



11 10


Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment by pairing seemingly opposite or mismatched pieces to create your own unique look that helps describe who you are and your unique style.


Check out my recent article on my favorite fall boots, which are stylish and affordable! Click Here, Read Me

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Top Boots for Fall

Stylish and Affordable Fall Boots

When one thinks of fall, one thinks “sweater season.” The boot is just as essential as the sweater is to your fall fashion wardrobe.  Living in SoCal, it never gets cold enough to wear knee high boots so I tend to go towards the ankle boots.  Maybe you live in the colder areas that actually have seasons and want a pair of knee high boots, there are boots to fit every type of style you’re rockin’ or any weather conditions you live in.  I love how easily boots can transition from season to season; especially if you get a beautiful brown boot that ages to perfection! Rock those bad boys during festival season in the spring and rock those same babies when fall comes around.

I love cute boots but it seems like I can never find any cute ones that don’t cost hundreds of dollars.  So I scoured the interwebs and found these cute, stylish, and, best of all, affordable boots for your viewing (& shopping) pleasure, enjoy!


Knee High Heeled Boot

The knee high heeled boot for those going for a sexier sultry vibe.


Knee High Low Heel Boot



The knee high low heel boot for those going for a preppier look.


Mid Calf Boot


The mid calf boot for those going for a bit more refined look than the casual vibe.

Ankle Heeled Moto Boot

moto-ankle-boot-black moto-ankle-boot-dark-tan

The ankle heeled moto boot for an edgier / rocker vibe.

Ankle Heeled Boot


The ankle heeled boot for those who desire to a trendy casual look.

Ankle Low Heel Boot


The ankle flat or low heel boot look is great for those going for a relaxed, casual look.


Ways to Cut Costs on Cute Fall Boots

One of the easiest ways to cut costs and still get cute stylish boots is to go to retailers or websites that sell past season items at significantly marked down-prices.  A couple of examples of these types of stores are Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.  Another option is outlet malls which also carry past season marked down items.

Because the items at these stores are usually from a few seasons ago, you should try to avoid items that were so overly trendy at the time that now they’re obviously past season.  The best way to avoid this budget shopping pitfall is to pick more timeless and classic pieces.  This can include the color (hot neon colors were really big 3 or 4 years ago, if you wore that today and weren’t at a rave, you’d just look ridiculously outdated :X Sorry!!), prints, design elements /embellishments, frills (think fringe, beaded fringe, ruffles, etc.), a particular cut or style (gaucho pants, cargo shorts, pucca shell necklaces…you get the point).  To avoid this, stick to neutral colors such as black, white, navy, brown, grey, and splashes of color like red, royal blue, bold yellow, etc. to add some color in your life.

Another way to cut costs on cute fall boots is to get faux leather or faux suede boots which gives the appearance of real leather or real suede except at a fraction of the price.  Another added benefit of the faux leather and faux suede options are that they are animal friendly!

There are boots for every fashionista at any budget!

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Salton Sea – CA Desert


I’ve seen amazing pictures of the Salton Sea but have never personally been so I was super stoked when I found out it was conveniently located just a short drive east between San Diego and Palm Springs.  Needless to say, I had to make stop at the Salton Sea on my way home from my recent Palm Springs trip.  We went on a Monday and it was an absolute ghost town with the exception of the park ranger who drove by periodically; even the visitor’s center was closed.  Apparently, August is one of the hottest months to be in the desert with temperatures upward of 110°F, it was 115°F to be exact!  If you’re planning a trip to the Salton Sea or desert, definitely make sure you bring a lot of fluids with you especially if you’re going during the hotter months.


As I walked towards the water, I was greeted by piles and piles of dead dried out fish about 10 feet away from the water’s edge.  It was kind of a crazy sight to see and just goes to show just how hot it gets in the area.

salton-sea-4salton-sea-5salton-sea-6salton-sea-7salton-sea-8 salton-sea-9 Overall, I’m really happy to have finally made a trip out to the Salton Sea.  The views were incredible and absolutely breathtaking.  Along with the emptiness of the Salton Sean was a sense of peacefulness and serenity.  The Salton Sea is definitely worth enduring the heat for so check it out if you ever get a chance 🙂






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Poncho Scarves



encinitas beach cliffs




The weather in San Diego has been a bit colder than usual so I finally got a chance to wear the long sleeve knit sweater that I had purchased in SoHo over the holidays. I figured the open-stitching wasn’t going to shield me from the wind so I decided to layer up and toss on a large poncho scarf. Poncho scarves are seriously so awesome; they keep you warm, are super cozy, and go with practically everything especially if the print or design isn’t too busy. I leave a black poncho scarf at work as a backup for days when I forget to bring a jacket and it is unusually cold in the office. If you work in an office with multiple thermostats that people are constantly changing, you definitely should have this handy…office/work-life, you know what I’m talking about 😉 Poncho scarves are seriously so clutch!

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I haven’t gotten a chance to explore Encinitas much since it’s a bit further north than my usual commute but the few times that I have been there have been very nice. The beach and coast are so picturesque, it seriously looks like something out of a postcard. The town is pretty mellow with a bunch of restaurants and neat shops lined up along Highway 101 which runs through town. Another added bonus is that it’s just a short drive to numerous Carlsbad attractions such as the Carlsbad Premium Outlets, the Flower Fields, Legoland, etc!

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Elise Walker X Supra Skytop Wedge Women High Top Sneaker Review

SKYTOPWEDGE_Pink Suede_High Top SneakerI seriously love designer collaborations especially when it enhances the styleSKYTOPWEDGE_Pink Suede_High Top Sneaker_Top View and designs of brands that I already love! I am feeling the Elise Walker X Supra Collaboration, she effortlessly adds a feminine stylistic flair to Supra’s iconic Skytop high top sneaker. Elise Walker is a renowned Los Angeles stylist and boutique owner and co-founder of FORWARDBYELYSEWALKER.COM.  These Skytop Wedge pale blush pink suede high top sneakers are so on target for the neutral color tend that is all over the interwebs right now, you know you’ve all seen those Amrezy instagram shots of her in her all nude or pale blush pink OOTD’s and thought to yourself “damn, it’s so minimal, stylish, and classy!” You too can channel your inner Amrezy with these Skytop Wedge pale blush pink high top sneakers.

SKYTOPWEDGE_Pink Suede_High Top Sneaker_Rear ViewI love the snakeskin underlays on these Skytop Wedge high top sneakers, they add just the right amount of flare because let’s face it, these sneakers would probably be kind of boring if the underlays were white or the same matching pale blush pink color. I love statement pieces and snakeskin print always just seems grab my attention, not everyone wears it because it is a bit over-the-top but I think snakeskin print is perfectly fine in small doses…sometimes that’s exactly what you need to to make a casual outfit look ultra clean and chic!
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Outfit Ideas: Pair these Women High Top Sneakers With…


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These Skytop Wedge pale blush pink suede high top sneakers with snakeskin underlays would look perfect with a partially tucked in casual loose drapey tee or loose boyfriend button up skirt and a pair of distressed blue or white skinny jeans or distressed cuffed shorts and a simple gold necklace!  Ahh, outfit inspo! =)

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<3 Nancy

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blue romper and gladiators

denim romperjumpin' denim romperI picked up this denim romper from Papaya Clothing a few months ago and just love how cute, fun, flowy, and girly it is.  I’m a few months late on this but this look is perfect for spring/summer…I live in San Diego where the weather is almost always in the 70’s so I get to wear this stuff all year round so it’s ok 😉   


I had also been in search for a pair of reasonably priced leather gladiator sandals and was super stoked when I found these babies online from TopShop for under $100!!  Real leather gladiators for under $100 is a steal, most of them start at $170!  I also loved that it had a zip up back so you don’t have to worry about lacing and unlacing them everytime you needed to take them off or having to deal with the laces slipping down throughout the day.  Yay for awesome finds and Fridays!

<3 nancy